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DEO application & ingredients

Will DEO stop me from perspiring?

Please note that stripped: DEO is not an antiperspirant. Our DEO combats the bacteria directly responsible for the smelly sweat. Our most important component is ECOCERT micro silver, which inhibits the growth of bacteria long-term. And no bacteria = no smell.

An antiperspirant blocks the exits of the sweat glands long-term, and therefore, prevents the production of sweat. A normal deodorant, however, does not prevent sweating; it deals with the bacteria on the skin by masking the smell with alcohol and fragrances.

As mentioned, antiperspirants block your pores – they have an astringent effect on the skin pores in your armpits and therefore meaning you perspire less than usual. This blocks your pores and prevents your sweat gland from secreting fluids. Not only does this disturb your body’s internal temperature regulation, but it also inhibits the release of toxins from your body.

Other normal deodorants mask the sweaty smell. The characteristically ‘sweaty smell’ is disguised by the alcohol and fragrances in a deodorant. Which often results in a body odour that is a mix of sweat and fragrances from your deodorant.

How do I use stripped DEO?

You simply scoop a small pea-size amount from the DEO jar (with dry hands) and rub it into your skin under your armpit. Repeat for your other armpit. Wait about a minute for it to absorb and off you go.

What if stripped: DEO doesn’t seem to work for me?

There is a bit of a transition period if you are not used to a natural deodorant. Normal deodorants and antiperspirants disrupt the microbiome of your underarm skin as well as block your sweat glands in certain instances. This may need to normalise again, before stripped: DEO will work effectively.

You may have to reapply every day for the first few weeks, but thereafter only every 2 to 5 days.

Is your product vegan?

Yes, none of our ingredients are derived from animals 😊. None of our products are tested on animals either, so cruelty-free too.

Does your DEO contain palm oil?

Yes, the glycerine we use contain palm oil, but from a confirmed sustainable source.

Why does stripped: DEO have no smell?

We made stripped: DEO completely odourless, for a few reasons.

stripped: DEO doesn’t have to disguise anything, because it effectively tackles the cause of perspiration smell by neutralising the bacteria that causes it.

We also feel a fragrance is personal and should not compete with a deodorant. By making our DEO odourless, makes it automatically unisex too, so you can share more than just a washing basin with your other half 😉

Isn’t micro silver dangerous for you?

Nope and we have the data to prove it. It is not to be confused with nano or colloidal silver, however, which is apparently questionable. We have dedicated a whole blog post to answer this question, check it out here.

Will stripped: DEO stain on my clothes or leave residue?

Nope & nope.

stripped DEO stays on your skin, not your clothes.

How does it not wash off whilst bathing or showering?

The ‘science’ behind stripped: DEO is that it is an oil-based solution, rather than alcohol or water-based solution as in most other deodorants. It was inspired by lip balms and waterproof sunscreen.

The oil is absorbed by your skin so the active ingredient in that oil will be able to stay effective despite showering, as oil doesn’t dissolve in water. Unless you scrub your armpits heavily when showering, stripped DEO will keep its effect until it naturally sheds off with your skin.

What ingredients do you use?

We are completely transparent about what goes into our DEO, check our full blog post here.

DEO general questions

Do you ship DEO internationally?

Yes we do and it is free! The international registered postage option will become available once you enter your international address. Postage may take a few weeks internationally, but please go to our Shipping page for more info.

Why is stripped DEO more expensive than other deodorants?

Because stripped: DEO is very concentrated and contains pure Ecocert silver, our DEO’s price is higher than regular deodorants. However, because it is so concentrated you only use it every 2 to 5 days, so one 20 gr jar of stripped: DEO is enough for 10 weeks on average.

stripped: DEO also does not stain, so your clothes remain beautiful for longer.

If you take the above into account and add the fact that you are not loading your skin with possible harmful toxins, stripped: DEO might actually be saving you money in the long run.

Can I sell or represent stripped DEO?

At present stripped DEO is only sold online on our website, but please email us for more info.


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