the DEO story

natural deodorant, more effective than the conventional. all natural, no harm and unisex.

just a local durban mom

battling depression and anxiety during a tough time of my life, I started to strip my life of all things toxic, harmful and unnecessary. a natural deodorant was one of these challenges and I tried a lot of ingredients and formulations before stripped: DEO was a success. inspired by the ‘science’ of lip balms & sunscreens, this DEO is very effective and has some serious staying power.
stripped: DEO is stripped of all things that are not necessary; chemicals, fragrances, alcohol, aluminium, salt, baking soda, essential oils, animal testing, etc. DEO is an all natural, no harm, unisex deodorant formulated to keep your armpits – and the like – odour-free. it is designed to naturally combat bacteria that causes body odour in the first place, instead of just masking it. it is effective for 2 to 5 days, even with showers in between, and the active ingredients are all natural and earth-friendly. I don’t compromise on this, and neither should you.
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