your new favourite DEO is stripped of all things that are not necessary; like harsh chemicals, alcohol, fragrances, aluminium, salt, baking soda, essential oils, animal testing, etc. and it lasts for 2 to 5 days, so super effective too! get the best natural deodorant in south africa below.

one tiny 20gr tin…

♥  is enough for 10 weeks on average ♥ is all natural, vegan & unisex ♥ causes no residue & no stains ♥ is super gentle for all skins

our DEO is perfect for all types of armpits: female ones, male ones, smelly ones, hairy ones, smooth ones, sensitive ones, irritated ones, teenage ones, vegan ones, nerdy ones and sporty ones.

say no to all the chemicals, allergic reactions & rashes, aluminium and the poor performance of conventional deos and try our DEO.


our spray DEOs with as much effectiveness as our cream DEO, but with a little bit of variety.

still vegan, still unisex, still no chemicals, still no artificial fragrances | natural essential oils and hydrosols only


The active ingredient in this DEO. Pure, porous silver stays on your skin to help inhibit bacterial growth which causes odour. NOT to be confused with nano and colloidal silver.
Plays a part in keeping your skin supple and ensures that DEO is not dissolved in water whilst perspiring or bathing.
Refined shea butter helps keep your skin soft, soothe irritation and helps keep DEO on your skin when exposed to perspiration or bathing.
Assists in keeping your skin clean, which helps keep odour causing bacteria at bay. It also plays a role in protecting your skin.
Another oil agent which keeps your skin supple and helps to prevent DEO from being dissolved in water when perspiring or bathing.
Helps with the ease of applying DEO by making the lotion smooth and enhances adherence to the skin. In addition to this, it helps draw toxins from your skin and softens.
PEG-free emulsifier (Ecocert certified and COSMOS approved) which helps the ingredients to mix well and stay mixed. It also provides wash-off resistance, thereby helping to keep DEO on your skin.
Oil agent to help keep DEO on your skin, even when perspiring or bathing. This type of emollient is needed on the surface to stop moisture loss and keep skin feeling soft.
Our sustainably sourced vegetable glycerin is a skin-replenishing and skin-restoring ingredient. It is a substance found naturally in skin, helping to establish normal balance and hydration.



N. Kruger

Just love it! Such a light and fluffy consistency, leaving skin moisturised and not dried out – no sweating, no itchiness & no irritation! Cant wait for the launch!

K. Rowe

Incredible product that actually works – sports, etc and is so soothing for your skin. This product also helps you to reduce your impact on the environment. Can’t wait to finally switch brands. Excited for the official launch!

E. Green

It works! it works! I got a sample to test recently and it works!

First time I went 2 days without having to reapply and thereafter 3 to 4 days..And I do sports. Can’t wait for it to launch so I can get my hands on more!

N. Barnard

By far my new favourite product! I’ve been looking for a more natural deodorant that actually works and stripped DEO does exactly that. Goes on easily and lasts for days even through my workouts. I would recommend it to everyone.

T. Naidoo

Really enjoying the long lasting natural scent from DEO. The longest I have gone without reapplying is 3 days, which is incredible when compared to off the shelf deodorants.

S. Yeatman

I am so impressed with the Stripped Deo! I have incredibly sensitive skin under my arms, and so many deodorants irritate it, shaving even irritates it. Since I started using the Stripped Deo (it’s been 2 weeks) the skin under my arms is calm, hydrated and smooth. NO irritation in site!

On top of this, I was concerned about the efficacy of the deodorant. Natural deos have a bad rap in that they aren’t as effective – not true with this product! I’ve stretched it to 4 days between uses, and while I might not be 100% fresh on the last day, the first 2 days were perfect, and I even did hour long workouts on them!

So far, I’m impressed enough that once my sample is finished, I’ll be repurchasing with my own money.


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